“Creativity is inventing, experiencing, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.”

Mary Lou Cook – Peace Activist and Artist

Special Event

Join us on Saturday, January 5th, for our first "styling" event as Jeane DeCoster, owner, dyer, and designer of Elemental Affects, shows us "what not to knit!" Jeane will bring garments knitted with her unique interactive sweater pattern and hand dyed yarns. You will get a chance to try on a variety of styles and learn what fits your body type and why it's the best fit.

Jeane has developed a new interactive sweater pattern to help you create a sweater that really is made to fit your body.
This styling is the kick-off event for Jeane's sweater class using her innovative pattern and yarn. Classes are January 12th and February 16th. She will end with a finishing class on March 20th.

We will be closing at 2:00 on January 5th. This will be an after hours event from 2:00 - 4:00. There will be goodies to eat and more. The cost is $20, which will go toward the kit, which will include the class, pattern, and yarn. Please RSVP.
More information on the kits and yarn to follow. The yarn should be in the shop within the next 10 days.


"A life threatening illness in my 30’s left me with some lasting physical challenges. I had to find new ways to relate to the world around me. It was sudden and unexpected and I was required to walk through the fire of transformation.  A pivotal point of healing was a trip to the beach with my family. For the first time since my illness I was able walk the beach with my children. We walked, slowly, and collected sea glass. It was so simple and so monumental. I wanted to create something special with the glass we collected. I found the courage to attend a smithing class. It gave light to a part of me I never knew existed. Like my designs,  I have more character, depth, and color because of my transformational experiences.  I continue to walk through the fire, to forge something new and to support my burning desire to know myself."

KnitWorks Yarn Company is proud to carry Beth Bobbitt Designs.  Beth has added many new designs to her collections.  Stop by and get one of her beautiful designs for yourself or someone you love!


KnitWorks Yarn believes in supporting local artists.  We have a wonderful Makers' Corner in the shop where local artists can share their amazing work.  You can find many one of a kind items that you can purchase for your home or loved ones.